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Here is an example of a product listing and what each part of the listing means:

Patient monitor - $3,000 each

hpmserm5.jpgList: $12,300. MedCon: EX. HP Hewlett Packard integrated modular patient monitoring system. Each unit features a large color monitor, touch screen selection, and adaptable input modules for each patient parameter.

What they mean:

Product title and price.
Simple product description, with your net price. Prices are per unit, unless mentioned otherwise. Occasionally prices will be at end of item listing.
A picture of the item. All photos may be enlarged by clicking on them. All photos taken in our studio, if no photo is shown, none are available.
This item's original sale price when new from original manufacturer. Compiled from records, talks with factory representatives, trade show guides, purchase organization records, anecdotal information, service and other sources.
MedConTM medical equipment condition rating:
Code: Condition: Description:
N New in box New in box, never used
Demo Demo Demo unit Manufacturer's demonstration unit, less than 10 hour's use
EX Excellent Works well, looks excellent to new
VG Very Good Works well, some scratches, shows signs of use
G Good Works, has scratches, scuffs or chips
F Fair Works, needs adjustments, well used
P Poor Needs repairs, cosmetically poor
Inc Incomplete Incomplete unit, parts only
A narrative description of the product, including most of the following:

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