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Medical manufacturing & packaging equipment

Tabletop shipping scale - $275

8213mett01_5.jpg 8213mett02_6.jpg

List: $610. MedCon: VG. Mettler Toledo model 8213 scale. 120 V, 50/60 Hz.


Shipping weight is about 20 pounds.

Tungsten block, 84 pounds - $6,750

tungstenblock_1.jpgMedCon: Usable raw material.

An 84 pound block of tungsten, actual assay by well know assay lab showed 99.9% tunsgten


Block is rectangular, with one edge on a 15° angle as shown in photograph. Also, there are two holes in each of two corners, again as shown.

Shipping weight is about 95 pounds.

CNC super precision rotary indexer on granite block - $1,975

kilngerrotindx1_1.jpgList: $24,300. MedCon: VG. Klinger precision digitally controlled rotary indexer, or rotary Index table, with digital controller, mounted on aluminum base plate over granite inertial reference block.

Mounted on nonmagnetic aluminum base plate. Top plate and center cylinder are made of aluminum, except for connecting bolts, and are entirely nonmagnetic and nonferrous.

Granite block, 6 inches thick, suspended on 4 air filled vibration isolation pads. Entire assembly mounted on steel frame, on castors.

Super precision rotary index table features:

Rotary Index table, with non rotating aluminum cylinder in center. Cylinder may be removed kilngerrotindx4_4.jpg kilngerrotindx7_6.jpg
kilngerrotindx5_5.jpg kilngerrotindx11_9.jpg
The rotary Index controller, with back computer interface connections kilngerrotindxanim50_14.jpg kilngerrotindx12_10.jpg
kilngerrotindx14_12.jpg kilngerrotindx15_13.jpg
elevated view of table, showing predrilled holes for component mounting kilngerrotindx8_7.jpg
view of air isolation cell, and 8 inch hole (looking up through granite block and rotary Index table) kilngerrotindx3_3.jpg kilngerrotindx13_11.jpg

Digital controller features:

Aluminum top plate features:

Granite blocks features:

We will separate index table from granite blocks, if desired, at same price.

Shipping weight of entire assembly is about 1,100 pounds.

Lathe, autoclaveable - $750 each

latheortho7_6.jpgList: $2,700. MedCon: VG. Lathe, Sherline model 4100 with modifications. Entire unit may be autoclaved for operations needing complete sterilization between cycles. Unit may be immersed in liquid during operation. May be used for manufacturing of bone screws, tissue implants and other materials.


latheortho1_1.jpg latheortho2_2.jpg latheortho3_3.jpg
latheortho4_4.jpg latheortho6_5.jpg

Shipping weight is about 30 pounds each. 8 units in stock.

Worm gear speed reducer - $375 each

moresgear6_1.jpg moresgear7_2.jpg moresgear8_3.jpg
moresgear9_4.jpg moresgear10_5.jpg moresgear11_6.jpg

List: $2,350. MedCon: N. Brand new in box Emerson Electric/Morse worm gear speed reducers. Units are unused, in original factory cartons.

Units are shipped without oil; the gearboxes must be filled with appropriate heavy-duty gearbox oil before use. 2 units in stock.

Shipping weight is about 75 pounds each.

DC servo motor - $675 each

motornew1_7.jpg motornew5_11.jpg  
motornew2_8.jpg motornew3_9.jpg motornew4_10.jpg

List: $855. MedCon: N. Brand new in box DC servo motor. Pacific scientific, motor and control division, Rockford Illinois.

4 units in stock. Shipping weight is about 30 pounds each.

Foot switches - $50 each

trdlght.jpgList: $80 each. MedCon: N. Line master Switch company, "Tread Light" foot pedal on /off foot operated switch., catalog # T-51-D, rated for 7.5 A, 125 to 250 volts AC. 42 units in stock.


Production Engineering - Medical Equipment Division

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