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Ophthalmic surgical set - $3,250

List: $17,400. MedCon: VG. Stortz model daisy anterior ophthalmic surgical set. With v4.2 software. A complete ophthalmic surgical system, with power unit, computer display and readout, handpieces and accessories, and built in adjustable position surgical tray for small hand instruments and needles.

Unit does the following procedures:

The system as it looks on its cart strtzdsy1.jpg
An overview of the computer system that controls the unit. strtzdsy2.jpg strtzdsy5.jpg strtzdsy7.jpg
Help and information setup screens shown for various functions strtzdsy8.jpg strtzdsy17.jpgScreens for irrigation and bipolar strtzdsy9.jpg strtzdsy18.jpgScreens for irrigating and aspirating strtzdsy10.jpg strtzdsy19.jpgScreens for phacoemulsification
strtzdsy11.jpg strtzdsy20.jpgScreens for vitrectomy strtzdsy12.jpg Setup for Controlled anterior campsulotonomy (CAC) strtzdsy13.jpgscreen for ASP prime
strtzdsy14.jpg Screen for IRR prime strtzdsy15.jpg Screen for restart time
The footswitch strtzdsy21.jpg strtzdsy22.jpg strtzdsy23.jpg
Accessories included with the system strtzdsy24.jpg strtzdsy25.jpg strtzdsy26.jpg
The 4 cutting tips included with the system, and an excerpt from the users manual strtzdsy27.jpg strtzdsy28.jpg strtzdsy31.jpg
An accessory unit included with the system, for controlled anterior capsulotonomy. Also called a Noetix Capsulectomer Cystotome. strtzdsy32.jpg strtzdsy30.jpg strtzdsy35.jpg
strtzdsy33.jpg strtzdsy34.jpg

Shipping weight of the system and carts about 150 pounds.

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Production Engineering - Medical Equipment Division

6035 E. 38th Avenue, Denver, Colorado 80207 USA (303) 393-7800 FAX (303) 393-1482