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Catheter Lab Accesories

Quinton Q-Cath parts - $975

qmonitor01_60.jpg qmonitor03_62.jpg qmonitor02_61.jpg

List: $6,300. MedCon: VG. Quinton Q-Cath data acquisition peripherals. The model designation of the top unit is vital statistics system. The bottom unit is unlabeled and has ECG, EP and pressure inputs and a connector to the Q-Cath main unit.

Overall dimensions of the each stackable unit:

Shipping weight is about 40 pounds.

Cardiolab amplifier - $975

cardiolab01_filtered_15.jpg cardiolab02_filtered_16.jpg

List: $8,255. MedCon: VG. Prucka Engineering CardioLab amplifier, model ClabII. 60 Hz. This is a component of the Prucka CardioLab 7000 electrophysiological monitoring systems.


Overall dimensions of the unit:

Shipping weight is about 20 pounds.

Patient monitoring modules - $275 each

List: $1,600. MedCon: G. E for M / Electronics for Medicine / Honeywell patient monitoring modules. Units are working, however we are selling them for parts. These fit older patient monitoring systems and older cath lab systems.

eformd1.jpg eformd2.jpg
eformd3.jpg eformd4.jpg
eformd5.jpg eformd6.jpg
eformd7.jpg eformd8.jpg

Shipping weight is about 20 pounds each.

Cardiac catheterization monitor - $4,500

mddrsb1.jpgList: $98,700. MedCon: EX. Meddars 6 channel cardiac catheterization lab monitor. Used to monitor a patient during invasive cardiac procedures.

Originally made by Marquette, supported by Medrad.

This system comes with the following input modules:

The system has room for up to three more modules

A over view of 3 of the input modules mddrsb2.jpg
ECG module mddrsb3.jpg mddrsb4.jpg
ECG/ Pressure module mddrsb5.jpg mddrsb6.jpg
Interface module mddrsb7.jpg
ECG/ His module mddrsb8.jpg mddrsb9.jpg
System hard disk, plus removable optical disk mddrsb10.jpg
6 channel input controller mddrsb11.jpg
The recorder / printer control mddrsb16.jpg mddrsb12.jpg mddrsb15.jpg
Digital clock and controls, mddrsb13.jpg mddrsb14.jpg
Time line event controller mddrsb17.jpg
mddrsb18.jpg mddrsb19.jpg
mddrsb20.jpg mddrsb21.jpg
An overview of the control screens mddrsb22.jpg Admit or change patient menu mddrsb23.jpg test status options mddrsb26.jpg Pressure valve area menu:
  • aortic valve area
  • mitral valve area
  • tricuspid valve area
  • pulmonary valve area
mddrsb31.jpg Calculation menu:
  • pressure gradient
  • valve area
  • cardiac output by Fick
  • Shunts
  • pulmonary resistance
  • systematic resistance
  • resistance ratio
  • ejection fraction
  • LV stroke work
  • RV stroke work
  • blood flows
  • A-V oxygen difference
  • estimated oxygen consumption
mddrsb24.jpg X-ray comment library:
  • Venogram
  • RA-gram
  • RV Gram
  • PA Gram
  • LV Gram
  • Root aortogram
  • Aortogram
mddrsb27.jpg Cokne library:
  • Drugs
  • Procedures
  • In/Out
  • Catheter
  • Laboratory
  • X-rays
  • Findings
  • Vascular entry
  • pre-cath data
  • port-cath data
mddrsb28.jpg Pressure valve gradient menu mddrsb29.jpg Oxygen consumption estimation menu mddrsb30.jpg Utility menu
mddrsb25.jpgCath lab system menu
The computers control keyboard, showing details of the function keys meddar24.jpg meddar25.jpg meddar26.jpg
meddar27.jpg meddar28.jpg meddar29.jpg
The back of the unit. Clink on the pictures to see the input, out put and cable connections meddar31.jpg
meddar33.jpg meddar32.jpg meddar34.jpg

Shipping weight is about 450 pounds.

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