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X-ray film processors

Table top processor - $1,375

3mkdkm7b6.jpg3mkdkm7b3.jpg3mkdkm7b4.jpgList: $8,300. MedCon: G. Kodak M7B film processor.

Rollers in very good condition.

Shipping weight is about 250 pounds.

Mammography film unloader and processor - $2,475

agfamamoray7_1.jpgList: $26,200. MedCon: VG. Agfa mammography compact EOS film processor and film cassette unloader.


agfamamoray8_2.jpg agfamamoray9_3.jpg agfamamoray10_4.jpg
agfamamoray11_5.jpg agfamamoray12_6.jpg agfamamoray13_7.jpg

Shipping weight id about 350 pounds.

X-ray film cassette unloader - $1,375

kodak700p5000ra3_1.jpgkodak700p5000ra7_3.jpgkodak700p5000ra4_2.jpglist: $36,570. MedCon: EX. Kodak multi-Loader, model 700 plus. United was previously docked to Kodak model 5000 RA high volume film processor. Units take a film from x-ray cassettes, unloads the cassettes and processes the film. Automatically handles film from 8 x 10 inches on up to 14 x 17.

Handles the following film sizes:

Unit handled the entire film volume, directly from cassettes, from a 12 room radiology department in a 350 bed hospital. Removed from service July 30, 2004.

Kodak multiloader 700 plus features:

Shipping weight is about 450 pounds total.

Film processor - $1,375 each

fuhi900042_29.jpgList: $12,245. MedCon: VG. Fuji film processor, model FPM 9000. Made by Fuji photo film company, Japan.


fuhi900043_30.jpg fuhi900044_31.jpg fuhi900045_32.jpg

Shipping weight is about 300 pounds. 2 units in stock.

Fuji film processor parts kit - $975 takes all

List: $15,600. medCon: N. path of parts kit to maintain Fuji film processors, model FPM 9000. This is enough parts to maintain and overhaul three film processors. Consists of rollers, gears, belts, tubing, sensors and other small parts as shown in the photos below.

fujifimpartspcks46_10.jpg fujifimpartspcks44_9.jpg  
fujifimpartspcks47_11.jpg fujifimpartspcks48_12.jpg

Shipping weight is approximately 125 pounds total.

X-ray film processor - $1,375

kodakprocb8.jpgList: $11,900. MedCon: VG. Kodak X-ray film processor / developer, model M8


kodakprocb9.jpg kodakprocb10.jpg
kodakprocb12.jpg kodakprocb13.jpg

Exterior dimensions:

Shipping weight is about 300 pounds.

Mammography x-ray film processor - $1,375

kdk480ra1.jpgList: $13,400. MedCon: EX. Kodak 480RA processor. Dedicated for mammography sized film. Completely cleaned before removal. In excellent shape.

Shipping weight is about 300 pounds.

Film processor chemistry dispenser - $375

pickercadis01_80.jpgList: $1,400. MedCon: G. Picker Cadi XL developer and fixation system. 120 V, 60 Hz.

Dispenses darkroom photographic chemicals to a film processor.

pickercadis02_81.jpg pickercadis03_82.jpg pickercadis04_83.jpg

Overall dimensions of the unit:

Shipping weight is about 60 pounds.

Film processor - $1,275

3mxp005.jpg 3mxp0003.jpg
3mxp0007.jpg 3mxp06.jpg


List: $23,00. MedCon: EX. 3M model XP 515 x-ray film processor. Docks directly to 3M series laser cameras. Wired for 220 volts 60 Hz AC, single phase. Model 5515B TAB, serial #21255194.


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