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Metabolic cart - $1,275

qplex34.jpgMedCon: P. List: $24,950. Quinton Q-Plex metabolic cart and pulmonary function. This is a computer driven device for cardiac, respiratory and rehabilitation stress test. It is similar to an EKG stress test monitor, but evaluates respiratory, metabolic and cardiopulmonary functions of a patient.

Unit has a bad hard drive, is sold for parts only.

qplex35.jpg qplex33.jpg qplex32.jpg qplex36.jpg
main menu of system: qplex1.jpg
patient information screens (patient names have been removed in these pictures for confidentiality purposes) qplex2.jpg qplex3.jpg qplex11.jpg
The system generates reports for cardiac, pulmonary, and user definable studies, also will display raw data qplex10.jpg qplex15.jpg qplex16.jpg
qplex17.jpg qplex18.jpg qplex19.jpg
Raw patient data may also be examined. qplex13.jpg qplex14.jpg
The system may be configures for various studies and various parameters: qplex22.jpg qplex23.jpg qplex24.jpg
qplex25.jpg qplex26.jpg qplex27.jpg
qplex28.jpg qplex29.jpg
Unit has self calibration. This may also be configured through user setable options. qplex30.jpg qplex31.jpg

2 units in stock. Shipping weight is about 350 pounds, on castors.

Full information on Quinton's products may be found on their website,

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Production Engineering - Medical Equipment Division

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