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Surgical Microscopes

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Neurosurgery/spinal/cranial triple head surgical microscope - $30,000

leica500n1.jpgList: $245,800. MedCon: EX. Leica triple head surgical microscope M500N on OHS stand. In superb condition. Neurosurgeons microscope. Spine. Cranial. This is probably the nicest single piece of equipment we have in in the warehouse.

leica500n2.jpg leica3hd-seqD40.jpg leica500n4.jpg leica500n6.jpg
leica500n10.jpg leica500n11.jpg leica500n12.jpg leica500n14.jpg
leica500n9.jpg leica500n5.jpg leica500n7.jpg leica500n8.jpg
leica3hd-seqD41.jpg leica3hd-seqD39.jpg leica3hd-seqD38.jpg leica3hd-seqD37.jpg

A superb instrument. Estimated shipping weight is about 800 pounds.

Dual head surgical microscope with camera ports - $9,983

wild69018_1.jpgList: $78,900. MedCon: EX. Wild Microscope, model M690 optics on a MS-c floor stand.

An exceptional instrument, Swiss made, with dual binocular headpieces, and two auxiliary video path takeoff ports. A video camera, digital still camera or an additional assistant port could be added to either of these ports.

The optics feature:

Microscope stand is a model MS-C, and features:

Control features:

Control panel
wild69020_3.jpg wild69021_4.jpg
Articulation arm, with 7 degrees of freedom
wild69022_5.jpg wild69023_6.jpg
Base of stand
Some views of the head, optics and splitter ports wild69025_8.jpg wild69026_9.jpg
wild69024_7.jpg wild69027_10.jpg

Shippign weight is about 600 pounds.

Ceiling mount for Zeiss surgical microscope - $2,750

s23zeiss01_40.jpg s23zeiss02_41.jpg

List: $18,690. MedCon: VG. Zeiss ceiling mount for surgical microscope and controller. 100/110/120/200/220/240 V. 50-60 Hz.


s23zeiss03_42.jpg s23zeiss04_43.jpg s23zeiss05_44.jpg

Shipping weight is about 450 pounds.

Ceiling-mount surgical microscope - $975 takes all or part

2000hoppl01_2.jpgList: $7,300. MedCon: INC. Hoppl 2000 ceiling-mount surgical microscope. The included parts are taken from a telescoping ceiling mount which is not included.


2000hoppl02_3.jpg 2000hoppl03_4.jpg 2000hoppl04_5.jpg
2000hoppl05_6.jpg 2000hoppl06_7.jpg  

views of components of the microscope





Shipping weight is about 250 pounds.

Neuro surgery microscope - $9,876

contraves01_1.jpgList: $48,700. MedCon: VG. Contraves (Switzerland) and Zeiss (Germany). A Zeiss OPMI6-SDFC dual binocular optical head on a Contraves stand.

Set up for head, neck and spine work with a quick release locking counterweighted stand.


contraves03_3.jpg microscope head contraves09_9.jpg controls on power console
contraves05_5.jpg zoom control contraves04_4.jpg controls on servo console
contraves06_6.jpg light source contraves08_8.jpg counterbalance
contraves07_7.jpg positioning grip contraves10_10.jpg footswitch

Shipping weight is about 800 pounds.

Neuro surgical microscope - $9,875

zeissneuro01_80.jpgList: $85,700. MedCon: VG. Zeiss neuro surgical microscope. 100-127, 220-240 V. Shown with light output directed at a surgical table.


zeissneuro02_81.jpg zeissneuro06_85.jpg
zeissneuro04_83.jpg zeissneuro08_87.jpg
zeissneuro05_84.jpg zeissneuro11_89.jpg

The animation shows the smooth upward motion controlled by the footswitch, an additional range of positions by buttons on the grip, and the operation of the power focus and power zoom by buttons on the grip.







Overall dimensions of the unit:

Shipping weight is about 800 pounds.

Surgical microscope - $4,972

surgzeiss01_66.jpgList: $19,300. MedCon: VG. Zeiss surgical microscope. 100, 110, 115, 127, 220, 240 V. 50-60 Hz.


surgzeiss02_67.jpg surgzeiss05_70.jpg
surgzeiss03_68.jpg surgzeiss07_72.jpg

Shipping weight is about 500 pounds.

Surgical microscope with digital video / stereo illuminator - $7,500

leicastereo01_8.jpg leicastereo02_9.jpg leicastereo03_10.jpg

List: $24,610. MedCon: VG. Leica surgical microscope.


Overall dimensions of the unit:

Shipping weight is about 150 pounds.

Dual head ENT/Ophthalmic surgical microscope - $5,475

zsurgical01_34.jpg zsurgical02_35.jpg zsurgical03_36.jpg

List: $22,900. MedCon: VG. Zeiss surgical microscope. Very good dual head basic scope with quality optics and manual operation. 110 V, 60 Hz.

Includes dual binocular heads, with an additional port for accessory use such as a camera.


Overall dimensions of the unit:

Shipping weight is about 300 pounds.

Neuro /Ophthalmic / ENT surgical microscope - $4,975

no3zeiss01_63.jpg no3zeiss02_64.jpg no3zeiss03_65.jpg

List: $18,300. MedCon: VG. Zeiss surgical microscope, equipped as described below.


Overall dimensions of the unit:

Shipping weight is about 350 pounds.

7 Surgical dissection microscopes, trinocular, with workstations - $14,750 for all 7

Formerly used for training ENT and neurosurgeons for cochlear implants. Great for a temporal bone lab, for training in Otology and Neurotology.

This is a stortz-urban US-2 microscope, on an SMR workstation.

A unique opportunity to purchase 7 identical microscopes and workstations.


Surgical Microscope features:



Workstation features:

Overall dimensions of each unit, not including height of microscope stand

Shipping weight is about 350 pounds for each workstation, stand and optics.

7 microscopes and workstations in stock. we have 2 extra workstations, without optics, but with stands.

Surgical microscope tele-adapter - $975

telestill02_32.jpgList: $3,700. MedCon: G. Designs for Vision Telestill Mod 1 photo adapter. f = 107. adjustable aperture.

Overall dimensions of the case:

Shipping weight is about 3 pounds.

Dual-head surgical microscope - $3,748

hopplscope01_29.jpgList: $38,700. MedCon: VG. J K Hoppl / Weck surgical microscope. 100-240 V, 50/60 Hz. The unit as shown is currently lacking eyepieces and lamp. We will refurbish upon sale and replace these parts. Motorized zoom, focus, tilt and x,y positioning are fully functional.


hopplscope02_30.jpg hopplscope03_31.jpg hopplscope04_32.jpg
hopplscope05_33.jpg hopplscope06_34.jpg  

The photographs in the top row show the A viewing head with zoom wheel and camera port, a view from below the B head showing the objective lenses and the tilt angle indicators, and a view of the light source and x,y movement carriage. The photographs in the bottom row show the controls on the vertical arm and on the footswitches.




Overall dimensions of the unit:

Shipping weight is about 350 pounds.

Dual-head surgical microscope - $3,749

hoppl01_26.jpgList: $38,700. MedCon: VG. J K Hoppl surgical microscope. 100-240 V, 50/60 Hz. Lamp and motorized zoom, focus, and tilt are fully functional. There is some chipping of the enamel on the base and arms.


hoppl02_27.jpg hoppl03_28.jpg hoppl05_30.jpg
hoppl04_29.jpg hoppl06_31.jpg  

The photographs in the top row show the A viewing head with zoom wheel, a view from below showing the objective lenses in both heads and the tilt angle indicators, and a view of the light source. The photographs in the bottom row show the controls on the vertical arm and on the foot switches.





Overall dimensions of the unit:

Shipping weight is about 350 pounds.

Surgical microscope floor stand - $1,475

s2zeiss01_38.jpg s2zeiss02_39.jpg s2zeiss03_40.jpg

List: $5,640. MedCon: VG. Zeiss Universal S2 surgical microscope stand. 120 V, 60 Hz. Minor scuffing of the base.


Overall dimensions of the unit:

Shipping weight is about 300 pounds.

Surgical microscope stand - $675

zeissholder01_43.jpgList: $1,500. MedCon: VG. Aus Jena accessory for surgical microscope. The accessory is for holding auxiliary equipment on a Zeiss surgical microscope. A 13.5 mm post inserts into a receptacle on a surgical microscope arm. As shown in the photograph, this accessory has swivels arms of 12.5, 8 and 6.5 inches and a clamp consisting of two U-shaped hooks and a screw-in pressure plate.

Shipping weight is about 10 pounds.

Surgical microscope parts - Priced as indicated below.

MedCon: VG. Surgical microscope accessories.

1 scopeaccess02_14.jpgscopeaccess03_15.jpg Zeiss binocular viewing head with monocular teaching extension
12.5X eyepieces with diopter adjustments
the viewing arm is 17 inches long and also has a focus knob
Shipping weight is about 10 pounds.
2 scopeaccess04_16.jpgscopeaccess05_17.jpg Zeiss binocular viewing head, f = 125/16
12.5X eyepieces with diopter adjustments
Shipping weight is about 4 pounds.
3 scopeaccess06_18.jpgscopeaccess07_19.jpg monocular viewing head with beam splitting mirror
no manufacturer listed, enamel finish is similar to older Leitz and Topcon products
lever moves mirror out of viewing port for full light direction to camera port
top mount is 50 mm at flange; bottom mount is 72 mm i.d.
Shipping weight is about 4 pounds.

Table top surgical microscope with slit lamp illuminator - $4,975

dissectscope01_20.jpgList: $19,000. MedCon: VG. Nikon dissection stereoscope with slit lamp illuminator.

This instrument is particularly well suited for lab work for experimental procedures on eyes.


dissectscope02_21.jpg dissectscope03_22.jpg dissectscope05_24.jpg

The leftmost photograph shows the lift stage, the zoom knob, the flash directed at the working field, and the slit lamp placed to the right. In the center photograph, the slit lamp is angled from the left and details of the eyepieces and camera ports are shown. The rightmost photograph shows surgical instruments in the working field at the 6X zoom level photographed with a Nikon digital SLR body used on the camera port.

Shipping weight is about 40 pounds.

Ophthalmic / ENT surgical microscope - $1,750

topcon02_73.jpgList: $6,200. MedCon: VG. Topcon OMS-50 surgical microscope. 100, 110, 120, 200, 220 and 240 V. 50/60 Hz. For illustrative purposes the light output of the illuminator is shown directed at a surgical table arm pad.


topcon08_76.jpg topcon05_74.jpg topcon06_75.jpg

Overall dimensions of the unit:

Shipping weight is about 150 pounds.

Dual head ophthalmic surgical microscope - $4,375

wecksurgical01_150.jpgList: $55,600. MedCon: VG. Weck surgical microscope. 100-240 V, 50-60 Hz.


wecksurgical02_151.jpg wecksurgical03_152.jpg
wecksurgical04_153.jpg wecksurgical06_155.jpg

Overall dimensions of the unit:

Shipping weight is about 175 pounds.

Surgical microscope, ENT/ophthalmic - $3,750

wecjsurgscp29_7.jpgList: $32,850. MedCon: G. Weck dual head surgical microscope, set up for either ophthalmic or ENT work.


wecjsurgscp21_2.jpg wecjsurgscp22_3.jpg wecjsurgscp20_1.jpg
wecjsurgscp25_4.jpg wecjsurgscp27_5.jpg wecjsurgscp28_6.jpg
wecjsurgscp30_8.jpg wecjsurgscp31_9.jpg

Shipping weight is about 400 pounds.

Dual binocular surgical microscope head for parts - $750

hopplscope01_20.jpgList: 9,800. MedCon: P. J K Hoppl Surgical microscope. Selling for parts only to support older microscopes currently in service.


Known problems:

hopplscope02_21.jpg hopplscope05_24.jpg
hopplscope03_22.jpg hopplscope04_23.jpg

Shipping weight is about 45 pounds.

Surgical microscope - $2,875

weckmc2.jpgList: $17,600. MedCon: EX. Weck surgical microscope. Set up for either ophthalmic or ENT work.


weckmc10.jpg weckmc12.jpg weckmc4.jpg
weckmc5.jpg weckmc8.jpg {short description of image}

Floor stands for surgical microscopes

List: $3,000 - $7,000. MedCon: VG. Zeiss microscope stands. All three have 9 and 15 inch arms with an approx 15/16 inch (238 mm) orifice for accepting and tightening on a supporting tube for a colposcope or other surgical microscope. See individual photos for details of the lamp controls; all three stands have manufacturer's tags indicating that they were wired for 110-240 V.

#1 $1,475 zeissstand01_68.jpg

for Stativ microscope
power cord with hospital grade plug
lamp transformer; foot control
connectors for zoom and focus
24 x 24 base 73 in. high

zeissstand02_69.jpg zeissstand03_70.jpg zeissstand04_71.jpg zeissstand05_72.jpg
#2 $1,675 zeissstand09_76.jpg for Stativfuss microscope
125 V Hubbell lock plug
light control panel
32 x 29 base 77.5 in. high
zeissstand11_78.jpg zeissstand13_80.jpg zeissstand12_79.jpg  
#3 $1,375 zeissstand06_73.jpg 125 V Hubbell lock plug
foot control for lamp intensity
24 x 24 base 66 in. high
zeissstand07_74.jpg zeissstand08_75.jpg    

Shipping weight is about 220 pounds each.

High intensity light source - $475

perkinelmlight9_8.jpgperkinelmlight10_9.jpgList: $1,200. MedCon: N. New in the box Perkin Elmer high intensity light source, fits to, amongst other instruments, leica surgical microscopes. Perkin Elmer model number LH 300 PQC-2.

Shipping weight is about 10 pounds.

Ophthalmic surgical microscope / slit lamp, ceiling mounted - $1,975

ceilopthalsurg6.jpgList: $33,800. MedCon: G. HK Hoppel ceiling mounted ophthalmic surgical slit lamp, sometimes called an ophthalmic surgical microscope. Features electric zoom, focus and positioning controls. Also features both external surface and internal illuminations.


Thus unit is stand and ioptics only - does not have celign support


Footswitch controls:

Slit lamp / microscope controls:

X/y positioning controls

Overview of optics ceilopthalsurg5.jpg ceilopthalsurg2.jpg
Footswitch controls ceilopthalsurg11.jpg
Slit lamp and microscope controls ceilopthalsurg8.jpg
x/y positioning controls ceilopthalsurg7.jpg
Unit as removed from service, shown laying on its side ceilopthalsurg15.jpg

Exterior dimensions:

Shipping weight is about 300 pounds.

Microscopic levelers - $750 the set

zeislvl1.jpg zeislvl2.jpgzeislvl3.jpgList: $2,700. MedCon: Ex. Set of 3 attachments that bolt onto the legs on a surgical or neurological microscope stand. With a level bubble and a precision screw adjust leg, the microscope can be made absolutely level.

1 set of 3 units in stock.


For surgical microscope light sources, please look under the "endoscopy" section, and follow the links for light sources.

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