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Medical and Technical Antiques

Note: These items are offered as collectors items, as they are either significant "firsts" of a type of device, or otherwise have some historical significance, or at least they are interesting, or at least we think they are interesting. Please, nothing in this section should be used as a medical device. We reserve the right to decline and / or cancel a sale if we suspect that the purchaser will use any of these items as medical devices.

Rental is available to qualified movie and media production studios.

Electrosurgical unit - $475

boviecsv01_7.jpg boviecsv02_8.jpg boviecsv03_9.jpg

List: $4,300. MedCon: VG. Bovie CSV electrosurgical unit. 115 V, 60 Hz. the vintage original esu, working on a spark gap principle.


Overall dimensions of the unit:

Shipping weight is about 150 pounds.

Vintage clinical centrifuge - $975

gomcocent01_63.jpg gomcocent02_64.jpg

List: $42. MedCon: Antique. Gomco model 386. 115 V. Probably dates to about 1950.


Overall dimensions of the unit:

Shipping weight is about 30 pounds.

Electrocardiograph - $475

ek5aburdick01_29.jpg ek5aburdick02_30.jpg

List: $900. MedCon: VG. Burdick EK/5A electrocardiograph. 120 V, 60 Hz.

One of the classic units of the industry. As old as the hills, and as reliable.


Overall dimensions of the unit:

Shipping weight is about 40 pounds.

Vintage medical supplies cabinet - $1,675

medcabinet01_71.jpgList: $206. MedCon: VG. Medical supplies cabinet. Minor dent and scratches. Circa 1960.


Overall dimensions of the unit:

Shipping weight is about 180 pounds.

Vintage physicians office medical supply cabinets - $750 each

vintagedocsoff17.jpgvintagedocsoff20.jpgvintagedocsoff21.jpgList: $92. MedCon: antique. Vintage exam room and physicians office medical supply cabinets, circa 1952.

2 pull out drawers, with swing open cabinet storage area with shelf.


Shipping weight is about 100 pounds each. Three units in stock, as shown.

Vintage hand-held ophthalmoscope - $450

vintagedocsoff19.jpgvintagedocsoff18.jpgList: $37. MedCon: antique. Antique handheld ophthalmoscope, circa 1952.

Welch Allyn. In original case as shown.

Shipping weight is about 10 pounds.

Vintage physicians office scale - $350

vintagedocsoff22.jpgvintagedocsoff23.jpgList: $71. MedCon: antique. Standup physicians office scale, circa 1952.

Detecto doctors scale, with height bar.

Shipping weight is about 75 pounds.

Antique electrosurgical unit - $750

vintagedocsoff26.jpgvintagedocsoff27.jpgList: $150.

MedCon: antique. Original spark gap type Bovie unit, complete with tips as shown. "Bantom Bovie", circa 1954.

Shipping weight is about 40 pounds.

Surgical light Vintage - $1,975

westinghouse01_114.jpg westinghouse02_115.jpg

List: $365. MedCon: VG. Westinghouse surgical light, style no. 978344. 115 V.

An original vintage surgical light, with a reflector constructed of arc segments individually cut from flat glass and fitted to a curve by hand.


Overall dimensions of the unit:

Shipping weight is about 150 pounds.

Exam/surgical light - $600

vintagedocsoff24.jpgvintagedocsoff25.jpgList: $135. MedCon: antique.

Appears to be a Castle antique exam/surgical light, unit has been rewired with a modern electrical cord.

Shipping weight is about 60 pounds.

Antique doctors stool - 375

vintagedocsoff32.jpgvintagedocsoff32-hh.jpgList: $35. MedCon: antique.

"New century" doctors exam stools, with mechanically adjustable height. Circa 1955.

Shipping weight is about 25 pounds.

Antique Vinke skull tractor - $975

vinke01_70.jpgList: $45. MedCon: Antique. Zimmer Vinke skull tractor. Complete unit in antique wooden case with 4 page description of operating instructions.

Overall dimensions of the case:

Shipping weight is about 2 pounds.

Vintage surgical light - $1,375

245castle01_6.jpg 245castle02_7.jpg 245castle03_8.jpg

List: $3,045. MedCon: VG. Castle model L 245 ceiling mount surgical light. 115 V, 60 Hz.


Shipping weight is about 65 pounds.

Antique open heart/lung perfusion pump - $4,555

1966pump01_22.jpg 1966pump02_23.jpg
1966pump03_24.jpg 1966pump04_25.jpg

List: $3,000. MedCon: An. Peristaltic perfusion pump. No manufacturer's label. 115 V, 60 Hz. Powers up, but pumps do not turn. Offered as a nonworking antique.

Date on case shows November 9, 1966.


Overall dimensions of the case:

Shipping weight is about 65 pounds.

Vintage ceiling mount surgical light - $1,483

l34amsco01_38.jpgList: $670. MedCon: VG. American Surgical Luminaire (manufactured by American Sterilizer Company) model L-34. 120 V.

Unit appears to be of about 1965 in design age.


l34amsco03_40.jpg l34amsco04_41.jpg l34amsco06_43.jpg

Shipping weight is about 180 pounds.

Antique defibrillator - $1,757

4lifepak08_8.jpg 4lifepak02_2.jpg

List: $625. MedCon: ANT. Physio-Control LifePak 4 defibrillator with Charge/Pak. 115 V, 60 Hz.

Unit appears to be vintage 1970-1975. Unit is functional, however due to age, should not be used medically, and is sold as an antique.


4lifepak03_3.jpg 4lifepak04_4.jpg
4lifepak05_5.jpg 4lifepak06_6.jpg

Overall dimensions of the console:

Shipping weight is about 50 pounds. 2 units in stock.

Antique equipment cart - $475

equipcart01_56.jpgList: $75. MedCon: ANT. Equipment cart, no manufacturer's label. Probably made by physio control, about 1970.


Overall dimensions of the unit:

Shipping weight is about 80 pounds.

Antique indirect ophthalmoscope - $675

aoophthalmo01_25.jpgList: $92. MedCon: VG. American Optical binocular indirect ophthalmoscope, catalog no. 11268. 115 V, 60 Hz.

Unit appears to be vintage 1945 or 1950, before zip codes.


aoophthalmo02_26.jpg aoophthalmo04_27.jpg aoophthalmo05_28.jpg

Overall dimensions of the unit:

Shipping weight is about 20 pounds.

Antique cardiac ultrasound - working - $1,475

antoquultras100_4.jpgList: $65,700. MedCon: ANT. 1986 Codman / ATL cardiac ultrasound, model OR 340, with a 5 MHz cardiac probe.

Unit is functional, however we are marketing this as a functional antique. Unit manufactured February of 1986.

Wired for 100/110/120/220/240 VAC, 60/50 Hz.

antoquultras103_7.jpg antoquultras101_5.jpg antoquultras102_6.jpg
antoquultras107_11.jpg antoquultras105_9.jpg antoquultras106_10.jpg
antoquultras109_13.jpg antoquultras108_12.jpg  

Shipping weight is about 300 pounds.

Antique surgical table, circa 1935 - $3,750

antinqusurgtable_1.jpgList: $175. MedCon: Antique. Appears to be first known example of radiolucent surgery and urology table.

The table is described as a model L-F, with Westinghouse Potter Bucky diaphragm.

Best guess on age is approximately 1930 or 1935.


Shipping weight is about 275 pounds, although the table itself weight is about 150 pounds.

Antique spectrophotometer - $1,900

modeld01_50.jpg modeld02_51.jpg

List: $655. MedCon: N Ant. Leitz Model D photometer. 115-230 V, 50/60 Hz. This is a classic model spectrophotometer dating from 1978, never unpacked from original box. Spectral system covers near UV, visible and near IR.



filter wheel

connectors for water-cooled cuvette holder

modeld05_53.jpg spare lamp and flow-through cuvette
modeld06_54.jpg product flyer and instruction manual
modeld07_55.jpg specifications
modeld08_56.jpg specifications

Overall dimensions of the unit:

Shipping weight is about 40 pounds.

Antique precision balance - $975

rollersmith02_filtered_108.jpg rollersmith01_filtered_107.jpg rollersmith03_filtered_109.jpg

List: $85. MedCon: Ant. Roller-Smith model B precision balance


rollersmith04_filtered_110.jpg rollersmith05_filtered_111.jpg

Overall dimensions of the case:

Shipping weight is about 40 pounds.

Functional antique refrigerated floor centrifuge - $2,750

antiiec7_filtered_1.jpgList: $600. MedCon: antique. IEC international electric company model PR 2 antique refrigerated floor mounted centrifuge. Unit is in functional condition.

We first sold some of these units almost 15 years ago (1992), they were old at that time. This unit is one of those rare designs that seems to last forever. It will probably run for another 50 years.

top of the unit
close-up of motor and motor brushes, if you look closely you can see sparks. Do not use ina an explosive atmosphere
antiiec11_filtered_5.jpg antiiec10_filtered_4.jpg
some of the printed instructions and logo
antiiec8_filtered_2.jpg antiiec9_filtered_3.jpg
control panel, with some close-ups of rpm indicator, mechanical timer, speed control and temperature gauge
antiiec12_filtered_6.jpg antiiec17_filtered_11.jpg
antiiec18_filtered_12.jpg antiiec13_filtered_7.jpg
eight place rotor


This is a working unit, however we feel that the art deco style of lettering on the gauges and switches, makes this a wonderful antique. Our estimate of age is approximately 1950.

Shipping weight is about 450 pounds.

Antique pulse oximeter - $1,975

biox01_12.jpgList: $1,460. MedCon: VG. Biox Technology Biox II oximeter with ear clip. 115 V, 60 Hz.

This unit is the first production model of the first solid state pulse oximeter turned out by Biox, before it became Ohmeda, eventually becoming a division of GE

As such, it remains the first production example of a major technological innovation industry: the solid state pulse oximeter. Ugly, boxy in design, it remains a first. at the time, this was manufactured when the company was approximately 8 employees, working out of a glorified garage.


Overall dimensions of the unit:

Shipping weight is about 25 pounds.

Antique Barber's chair - $975

antoqiurelian22_1.jpg antoqiurelian23_2.jpg antoqiurelian24_3.jpg

Shipping weight is about 175 pounds. Two units in stock, one is missing headrest.

Antique television camera - $4,750

Antique television camera circa 1970. Unit functional when removed from service in 1995. In excellent, original condition as shown, with original service and schematic manual. This includes the screen, zoom lens, on air light, Pan, zoom and tilt tripod.

ANTQTVCAM46_12.jpg ANTQTVCAM48_14.jpg ANTQTVCAM47_13.jpg
ANTQTVCAM49_15.jpg ANTQTVCAM56_22.jpg ANTQTVCAM55_21.jpg
ANTQTVCAM53_19.jpg ANTQTVCAM54_20.jpg ANTQTVCAM52_18.jpg
ANTQTVCAM51_17.jpg ANTQTVCAM57_23.jpg

Shipping weight is about 400 pounds.

Antique ESU - $975

bovieoldf26.jpgList: $2,300. MedCon: ANT. Old but working antique spark gap electrosurgery unit, with aspen labs front end.

Best guess for age is about 1965 or 1970.

bovieoldf27.jpg bovieoldf28.jpg bovieoldf29.jpg

Shipping weight is about 300 pounds.

Antique spirometer - $750

MedCon: Ant. Antique, functioning spirometer. Occasional used in research, where a totally analog front end is needed for data collection.

Best guess in age in about 1965.

respitaoryvent42.jpg respitaoryvent43.jpg respitaoryvent44.jpg

Shipping weight is about 250 pounds.

Antique portable x-ray - $1,500

ge200antiqueport36.jpgList: $8,200. MedCon: Ant. General Electric model 200 portable x-ray. Unit is in working condition, however, we are selling it as a functioning technical antique.


This is a classic machine, one of the machines that helped General Electric on its path as a company to where it is today. Our best guess on age of the machine is approximately 1955 to 1960.

ge200antiqueport35.jpg ge200antiqueport37.jpg
ge200antiqueport38.jpg ge200antiqueport39.jpg

Shipping weight is approximately 600 pounds.

Antique dental cabinet - $1,500

MedCon: Antique. Antique dental cabinets. Units are made of steel and bakelite. Appear to be Circa about 1930. Used at the original Fitzsimmons Army hospital in Denver, Colorado. They have several hidden compartments.

antqdntA1.jpg antqdntA2.jpg antqdntA3.jpg
antqdntA4.jpg antqdntA5.jpg antqdntA6.jpg


Shipping weight is about 300 pounds each.

Antique dental cabinet - $1,500

MedCon: Antique. Antique dental cabinets. Units are made of steel and bakelite. Appear to be Circa about 1930. Used at the original Fitzsimmons Army hospital in Denver, Colorado. They have several hidden compartments.

antqdntB3.jpg antqdntB4.jpg antqdntB1.jpg
antqdntB2.jpg antqdntB5.jpg


Shipping weight is about 300 pounds each.

Antique physicians office scale - $575

MedCon: Antique. Appears to be about 1935.

antdocscale1.jpg antdocscale2.jpg antdocscale3.jpg

Shipping weight is about 90 pounds.

Antique bedside stand - $975 the pair

MedCon: Antique. Pair of matching round bedside stands, made by American seating. Stands are unique, in that door is actually an arc segment that, when opening, moves in a circular motion around the circumference of the stand. Made of molded plastic and steel. Circa 1960.

antside4.jpg antside5.jpg antside6.jpg
antside7.jpg antside8.jpg

Shipping weight is about 125 pounds for the pair.

Antique nebulizer - $950 each

List: $23. MedCon: Ant. Unit new about 1915, shows a patent number of 2,136,085 which should give an approximate idea of the date of manufacture. We have one unit with the bottle as show, the other unit without the glass bottle.

antqneb1.jpg antqneb2.jpg antqneb3.jpg antqneb4.jpg

This unit originally used to treat patients at The National Jewish Hospital, Denver, Colorado, originally established in Denver's dry climate to treat TB and other respiratory patient around the turn of the century (1900 that is).

Shipping weight is about 55 pounds.

Antique aluminum refrigerator - $2,975

fosterr1.jpgList: unknown. MedCon: VG. An antique, working refrigerator, exterior is made out of brushed aircraft aluminum. Made by Foster company. Appears to be about 1948 or 1950 vintage. Unit is in remarkably good condition, although exterior front door could use some buffing to remove minor scratches.

Unit has a newer compressor, which appears to be about ten years old. With NSF sticker. Interior needs a good cleaning.

fosterr4.jpg fosterr2.jpg fosterr3.jpg
fosterr5.jpg fosterr6.jpg fosterr7.jpg

Outside dimensions:

Inside dimensions:

Shipping weight is about 200 pounds.

Antique surgical table - $5,000 purchase/ $475 / week

List: $103. MedCon: VG. Antique surgical table. Set up for both surgical and Obgyn surgical work. Table appears to be about 1910 vintage.

This unit available for rental to qualified movie studios, video production houses, theatrical production companies, and for historical researchers. This unit also available at no charge for limited museum display by recognized national museums (institution responsible for shipping both ways) with appropriate credits.

antqotbl1.jpg antqotbl2.jpg antqotbl3.jpg antqotbl4.jpg

Shipping weight is about 200 pounds. Semi-portable, on wheels.

Projection pointer - $375

antqpnt1.jpgantqpnt2.jpgantqpnt3.jpgList: $125. MedCon: EX. A technical antique, in excellent condition. Best guess of age is about 1955. Basically a hand held light source with a mask in arrow shape and focusing lens. Also includes carrying case and power supply.

Antique defibrillator - $1,750

lfpck33.jpgMedCon: G. Physio Control Lifepack 33 portable cardio scope and defibrillator, serial #1874. This is an operating unit, however due to its age it should be considered an antique. With external charger pack, missing patient ECG cable.

2 units in stock.

Antique surgical light - $975

Pelton & Crane, circa 1920.

antlig1.jpg antligh2.jpg antlght3.jpg antlght4.jpg

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